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Online Course by Jio 

This Course is designed for beginners and more advanced artists searching for their own style and place in the art scene.

This Course is for you if you wish to focus your artistic style into a unique expression that reflects who you are, what you believe in, that speaks a message and sets you apart from other creatives, making a difference in the World. 

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Topics covered:

- Finding art mentors

- Exploring different mediums and techniques

- How to use other artists for inspiration

- Using your story to find our unique expression

- Connecting to your emotions for inspiration

- How to find and ask for feedback 

- Narrowing your interests into one style

- Channeling art

- Using your art to make a difference

- How to get through setbacks and stuckness

- Sharing your work with the World

- Videos of my creative process and different artistic techniques

- Using Social Media to promote your work




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