How is this important to you? Its a way for you to connect more directly and intimately with me and have an inside view of my work process that I don't share anywhere else.

My intention is to share monthly tutorials and process videos of me drawing and tattooing, explaining exactly what I'm doing, the techniques I'm using, sharing the behind-the-schenes of my work and giving you drawing challenges to help you progress in your artistic skills.


It will be available in May!
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As you might already know, I'm also working on an online course for artists who want to find their own unique artistic style.

Meanwhile, I think Patreon is a great way to already start sharing my tools and techniques with the ones of you who want to start learning and practicing right away.

It will also give you the possibility to choose how much you want to invest (starting at $3 USD going up to $21 USD per month) and how deep you want to go, without having to invest in a more expensive course.


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